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  General News Summer 2014 Update

Now that summer is over and school is back in action, I can get back to business. My summer was a busy one, played a ton of board games!

So, I've been thinking about forming a game group that would play on a regular basis that is open to the public. I was thinking of doing something like the Rochester Boardgames Society (RBS). Meet on the 4th Saturday of the month at a neutral location (which we would have to secure or negotiate with). I was thinking about also giving it a name: Enchanted Mountains Game Society? Let me know what you think.


location: Buffalo Niagara Convention Center - downtown Buffalo NY
when: September 19-21, 2014
are we attending?: yes
Games Asylum with booth?: yes
other notes: this will be the second year we attended this convention, the first year we attended as guests.

location: SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo NY
when: January 30 - February 1, 2015
are we attending?: yes
Games Asylum with booth?: yes
other notes: this will be our 598409586405694 time we have attended this convention. Look forward to another great year.

location: what ever hotel we decide to stay in when we get to Charlotte, NC
when: February 13-16, 2015 - President's Day Weekend
are we attending?: yes
Games Asylum with booth?: yes
other notes: this is our convention for Lenny Hayes who lives too far from us! This will be our 2nd convention and we hold in the lobby/open area of the hotel we stay at. Last year's was a BLAST. There is no event list, we play what we want when we want, all games, all weekend and eat good food. If anyone is interested in attending contact Renee to find out where we will be.

There are some other conventions in the Fall in various areas around us, but I have not decided to attend any of these at the time I write this.


  Posted by dallas on Thursday, September 04 @ 08:37:22 EDT (37 reads)
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  General News 4th of July Games Weekend 2014

Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Players: Tim, Jeff, Artie, HD, Dallas, Renee, Hashtag, Chris, Cory, Preston, Jake from Statefarm and Ty?

Games we played:

1. Praetor - 2 games

2. Eight Minute Empire: Legends

3. Dodge Dice - about 6 games?

4. Qwixx - 3 games

5. Taluva - 2 games

6. Steam Park

7. Tammany Hall

8. Eldritch Horror w/ Forgotten Lore xpac -- WE WON!

9. Martian Dice

10. Buccaneer Bones - 3 games

11. Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs X-Men

Food: FRY BREAD, Rossie french Fries, Steak Sandwiches, Italian Sausages, Cheese platter, Steak and Chicken kabobs and beer bread.

other notes: We were suppose to get OGRE and an Epic Battles of Westeros to the table along with Quantum to the table this past weekend but not having the numbers and not knowing when people would show up changed the ebb and flow of things. 

We had originally planned on playing the new Memoir '44 D-Day Maps from the 10th/70th Anniversary but all that fell through when I was unable to obtain a copy of the maps before our event. I ordered it on Sunday night, should be here before next weekend.

Had a pretty good weekend, played a lot of lighter fare but it was worth it. The socializing was worth the sacrifice of meatier games, but we did manage to get some meatier games to the table.


  Posted by dallas on Monday, July 07 @ 08:38:48 EDT (221 reads)
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  General News Father's Day Games June 15, 2014

Players: Tim, Brian, Dallas, Renee, Chris, Hashtag, Cory, Calob, Preston, Rik, Hayden

Games we played:

1. Freedom; The Underground Railroad
notes: we lost on the last turn! this game tough!

2. Buccaneer Bones
notes: cool little dice game filler

3. Parade
notes: once again, Rik wins with only the cards he ended the game with...

4. Carcassonne: South Seas
notes: I failed at not finishing last... 

5. Survive: The Escape from Atlantis
notes: I lost by ONE point AGAIN...

6. Drakon
notes: yea, we will have more fun stopping you from winning... sounds weird doesn't it? then you haven't played with us yet...

FOOD: CHIPS AHOY! (you had to be here), hot dogs and hamburgs, salt potatoes, spicy shrimp on a stick and my grandmothers legendary mac & cheese.

Other Notes: I tried not to finish last all day... Tim finished ahead of me in all games... Rik showed up on his return trip from Origins! Was fun to play some games with him. I think we played more games but I can't remember what they were.

  Posted by dallas on Monday, June 16 @ 11:05:25 EDT (538 reads)
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  General News D-DAY 2014 RESULTS!

Players: Tim, Jeff, Artie, Harriet aka HD*, Hashtag, Chris, Cory, Caleb, Dallas

Games we played:

1. D-Day Dice
notes: 2 attempts to storm the beaches of Normandy with no success! The Allies had a rather poor showing.

2.  MAIN EVENT: Memoir'44 Omaha Beach - Overlord Version
notes: The AXIS held the beaches again for 6th year. Final score: Axis 8, Allies 5. The game was very good and exciting! 

Food: Cheese and Veggie Tray, Fry Bread and BACON LACED FRYBREAD...

Other notes: I look forward to the Saturday July 5th playing of Operation Neptune with the 10 Anniversary maps of Memoir'44  from Days of Wonder.
Thanks to everyone who showed up to play! It was a very fun night of game playing. The main event was epic and tense, one for the record books.

dallas hoag
  Posted by dallas on Saturday, June 07 @ 11:17:23 EDT (417 reads)
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  General News 70th Anniversary of D-Day (June 6th) Event 2014

This Friday June 6, 2014 we will be running an Epic Memoir '44 event.

other games that we will be playing that day:

1. D-Day Dice
2. Heroes of Normandie (demo's only)
3. Memoir '44 - Overlord Omaha Beach scenario

our Schedule so far:

12:00 PM - 5:00 PM: open gaming

6:00 PM: Memoir '44 Overlord Omaha Beach Scenario (8 players)

other notes: This gaming day is centered around D-Day because it is D-Day! It is a special day (for Americans) in history and I believe it should be celebrated on its own. Too many people think that Memorial Day is for barbecues! So, we will play all the D-Day games that we can! Even if that means we need to re-theme some to play on Friday! If you wanna play Nations or Splendor or any other game that isn't related to D-Day, come back on Saturday or any other day of the year. :)

  Posted by dallas on Wednesday, June 04 @ 10:43:08 EDT (962 reads)
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